About Home Security Consultant LLC.

We are a family based business located in Freeport, Illinois. We are here to serve you in the greatest home security capacity.

We work hard so you don't have to when it comes to home/business/school/church/hospital/corporate security. We have experts in their field, who are dedicated to providing you excellent  services.

We provide resources,tools, advice and speak at events to educate more people on how to work on a 21st century prevention/deterring plan.

With over many years serving in the Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin Greater area we are serving at the national level.

We are able to do this because of other business we collaborate with as partners, we too are building a community to serve YOU!

How can we help you today?

You can contact us at shawnstarry@homesecurityconsultantllc.com or Facebook.com/homesafetyinspections

How we started


We started out with the goal of helping other families take back control of their homes with the state of the art technology Security Cameras and Crime Prevention methods. With the expert level of security as a former Bank Protective Officer to Security Tools, we are integrating the experience with the technology to give you the advantage over criminals!

Why HSC?

We are the only company that will provide products at your finger tip, shipped directly to your home as soon as two days to two weeks. We also will help you with any installation questions you might have. You can email us at shawnstarry@homesecurityconsultantllc.com


"We wanted to save money and time. So we ordered our camera and Installation was a snap!. Easy!"-Amy J.


"If I'd rather have my family safe and sound than sad and sorry."-Andrew L.


"Easy, fast, and convient! No monthly payments, no hidden fees!-

Wendy R.

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