Got bugs?

One of the most troublesome aspects of business intellectual property theft is electronic equipment in business allows an competitor to steal important information. This is a business that competitors use to gain access and use-for-profit that violates not only intellectual property rights but breaches confidentiality of others. We have seen this in various incidents such as landlords spying on tenants, governments use of spying for intellectual properties, neighbors spying, or even when someone buys a new home and electronic bugs left behind spying on new homeowners. Realtors often miss this step of debugging for electronic surveillanc. Nursing homes also been known to invade privacy of the patients, exploit paitents for financial gain. Our services include debugging process, which can give you a peace-of-mind and privacy.

Contact us today to begin securing your business or home.

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Before I begin, our home security, our way of life depends on a few key factors. Our Federal Goverments ability to protect us as a whole. Our States Goverments to protect our liberties and rights Our

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