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ABS and Metal bar


Condition: 100% Brand New

It is a great gift for your lover, family and friend

Color: Random Color

Size: Approx 60mm*40mm*25mm

Material: ABS and Metal bar

VOL: 125-130DB (Approx)

Packaged: 1 Pc

When the goods fall off or other emergencies, pull out the latch, that is issued a strong alarm 125-130 dB

. Stop the alarm, just plug the pin can be.
① is a very beautiful decoration, is a personal bodyguard for every girl. Female students dark alone

, In case of suspicious people near, you can pull out the latch, deter suspicious people, to dispel their evil thoughts.
② suitable for ladies night alone, or go home at night, meet someone trailing, can pull the alarm, you can use the noise scare
Suspicious suspects.

③ the elderly suffering from acute diseases (such as coronary heart disease, etc.), carry (or bedside at night) one

A cheap alarm, encounter illness, mouth can not say the situation, pulling the alarm may save your life

④ When traveling, if lost, you can pull the alarm to avoid missing.
⑤ This alarm can also protect handbags, mobile phones and valuables to prevent loss, theft and robbed. Its use

Way due to people, widely used.
⑥ twist buckle battery operation, less loss, quick response, easy to carry, compact, can be repeated many times Uses!


Deal with the satyr: encounter Satyr, pull out the alarm on the buttocks pin (usually can be tied to a larger doll in the above, better pull), they immediately issued a warning sound approaching 120 db, hey, to ensure that the satyr Prostrate to run, the timid may be directly scared belch fart ...

Care for the elderly: the elderly have sudden illness, night sudden illness can immediately send a warning to inform the sleeping family members, the elderly (or joggers) travel abroad, in case of loss, you can dial a personal alarm metal stick will be issued Alarm, one kilometer near the people will hear the rush to see, in the end what is so noisy ... ...

Now the safety of children is getting everyone's attention, an alarm on the bag, is not more a safety and security


Some people may not understand the specific principles of the alarm, I will explain to you, this product is not the primary role of sound alarm to get help, but the deterrent effect, we all heard a word, do a guilty conscience, yes, as long as When people are doing bad things, they are mentally retarded, so when someone wants to put their sinful hands on you, they suddenly ring the sound of a high-decibel alarm. What is his first reaction? Certainly running, so this is the main principle of the alarm, followed by the sound caused by people around the attention, access to help! I wish everyone peace
Perfect, Fashion and Useful

Conversion:1 inch=25.4mm or 1mm=0.0393inch

1/12 Police Approved Personal Safety Alarm Keychain Security Panic Rape Attack T


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