The TraumaPack is comprehensive mobile medical trauma kit designed to treat a small team or family of people.  All of the medical supplies fit nicely in a nylon zippered pouch with a clear plastic top and carrying handle.  The backside of the label functions as an Activity Log.  This compact kit measures 11” W x 4.5 H x 7” D and is designed to fit perfectly inside a FLEX2 Backpack, vehicle, or desk drawer.

The TraumaPack Contains:

TraumaPack ItemQuantityEP-FLEX2 Large Zippered Pouch with Clear Top, Carry Handle, and Card Insert1Activity Log with Pencil1Urgent First-Aid Guide (48 Pages)1Triage Tags (M137)1Tourniquet (Latex Free)2Nitrile Gloves (Pair)2Survival Blanket1Bandage Sheers1Hydrogen Peroxide (8oz)1Eyewash (4oz)1Particulate Mask with Value (N95)1Multi-Purpose Wound and Trauma Dressing (Dyna-Stopper)1Gauze Pad - 4" x 4" (Sterile)2Gauze Pad - 2" x 2" (Sterile)2Triangular Bandage - 40" x 40" x 56"1Tweezer1Ammonia Inhalants (Box of 10)1Instant Cold Pack - 4" x 5"1Biohazard Waste Bag1Petrolatum Gauze - 3" x 9" (Non-Adhering Dressing)1Combine Pad - 5" x 9"1Triple Antibiotic Ointment .5g4Antiseptic Towelette - 5" x 7"4Adhesive Tape Roll - 1" 1Ace Bandage - 4"1Gauze Bandage Roll - 3"1Tongue Depressor5Cotton Swab Applicators10Knuckle Bandage2Adhesive Bandage - 3" 10Butterfly Bandage4Penlight Flashlight1Thermometer2Procedures Mask with Face Shield1Wire Splint1Oval Eye Pad (Sterile)2QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing - 3" x 4 Yards - Z Folded (Optional)1



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