Wherever and whenever bathroom facilities are out of reach, unsafe or unsanitary, reach for Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet System.  This top quality system is safe, private, portable, easy, and green!  Ideal for emergency situations.  Suitable for home, office, school, government, and military deployments.

The GO Anywhere Toilet System Contains:

GO Anywhere Portable Toilet

GO Anywhere Privacy Shelter

GO Anywhere Toilet kits (x15)

Transport Bag for Used Toilet Kits

Backpack that Stores the Entire System (Everything Above)

About the GO Anywhere Portable Toilet:

Enjoy dignified convenience with this safe, sturdy, thoughtfully engineered, premium quality GO Anywhere Portable Toilet (PETT) from Cleanwaste Company. This tripod design toilet weighs just 7 pounds and has a convenient carrying handle and folds up making it compact and easy to transport.  It provides the comfort, height, and ease of use of a standard toilet that supports up to 500 pounds. It's even stable on uneven ground. No mixing, messy chemical, waste storage tanks, or dump stations required. No assembly required. Simply extent the three locking legs, insert a waste bag (one waste kit is included), remove the cover, and it's ready for use! This toilet is designed to be used with GO Anywhere Toilet Kits (one is included). Made in the USA.


Comes with one Toilet Kit (Waste Bag with Poo Powder™, Zip-Close Storage Bag, Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

Poo Powder Quickly Turns Waste into a Stable Gel for Easy Transport and Safe Disposal

Odor neutralizers, Not Perfumes, Eliminate Unpleasant Odors; Decay Catalyst Initiates Decomposition

Durable high-impact thermoplastic construction; all parts can be sterilized

Waste Bags are Landfill Approved and can be Disposed in Trash with Regular Garbage

Permitted by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for use on Rivers and in Wilderness Areas where Toilets are Required

Cleanwaste PETT Portable Toilet is Recommended by the Leave No Trace Program in Conjunction with the National Forest Service

GO Anywhere Toilet Kits are Designed for One Use and are Available Separately

About the GO Anywhere Privacy Shelter:

Privacy when and where you need it! In an emergency or in the event of disaster this shelter provides the privacy you need for going to the bathroom, changing clothes, or showering. This portable, quick-deploy, roomy and comfortable shelter provides privacy, dignity and sanitation anywhere and anytime it's needed



Tie-Down Flaps


Tent Stakes

Storage Sheath

Easy Instructions


Size: 64” zippered privacy door, 4’x4’ ‘ floorless’ base for sanitation purposes, 6’6” tall, folds to 28”x6”

3 screened windows for cross ventilation

Sealable upper-access flap allows for shower/hose/flashlight to be inserted.

Nylon mesh storage pockets hold supplies, waste kits, towels, or magazine.

Designed with 3 ground flaps attached to the tent walls, which provides an extra way to anchor your shelter when you’re unable to use the stakes.

Quick-deploy set-up and take down is easy with snap poles and hinges.

One person can set up in seconds.

Weight: 7 lbs.  Taffeta nylon flame retardant fabric


About the GO Anywhere Toilet Kits

The GO Anywhere Toilet Kit is the most sanitary, safe, environmentally-friendly, portable toilet solution available.  This Toilet Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with The GO Anywhere Portable Toilet, however it can also be used with other toilet systems. It comes complete with waste bag, Poo Powerder gelling and deoderizing agent, secure puncture resistant zip-close disposable bag, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer towelette. This Toilet Kit helps prevent the spread of disease by preventing spills, splashbacks, and waste contact.  Each Toilet Kit gels up to 32 oz. (40% more than competing products) making it a multiple use bag and lowering the cost per use. The GO Anywhere Toilet Kit is the ONLY solution that traps, encapsulates, deodorizes and breaks down waste with a NASA-developed gelling agent.  Use it, seal it and toss it in normal trash.

Each GO Anywhere Toilet Kit Contains:

Waste Bag

Poo Powder® Gelling and Deodorizing Agent

Secure Puncture-Resistant Zip-Close Disposal Bag

Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer Towelette



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