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Hi gals and guys! I'm so excited you are checking out our new website. My name is Shawn Starry. I'm a parent just like most of you are. And with these challenging times ahead of us, we will remain in control as much as we can. From diapers to prom dresses, we spend good hard earned money for quality items to build our children up and give them opportunities to succeed in the future. My wife and I had once encountered a home invasion that left us shaken up. Our sixty-five pound dog chased the man through the town, but as usual the perp got away. After police takes the reports, the only thing our dog brought home was a piece of the perps jeans and butt. Lol! But with city ordinaces, we had to give our beloved family member to a trusted friend on a farm. If technology had been as advanced then as it is today we would of spared ourselves (including the perps butt) a ton of heartache and pain.

Insurance companies today are giving customers discounts when they install cameras in or out of their homes. You will have lower premiums for your home insurance.

There are many reasons as to 'why' we should have cameras installed in our homes. Just turn on the news, and we can see why and how its happening all across America. According to statics, one in three will be robbed in their lifetime. One in four will experience Home Invasions in their lifetime.

The numbers can change but the threat always remains. Like a sentry always guarding the path to the queen of England, we too can supply you 'Quality' cameras and Installations.

As a father and a husband, tis my duty to keep my family reasonably safe.

God bless,

Shawn Starry

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