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Our services range from online products to consultant Technician who can help you with your installation over the phone or by email, quickly and professionally. We are also looking to hire individuals who can share our page information on social media. Yes there is an incentive with this too. You can get paid for sharing our website with others. Its pretty simple really. Intrested?

Over the years the crime rate has been skyrocketing, more burglaries and home Invasions have occurred across our country, and with this new technology you have the advantages! It buys you not only time, but as a way to deter would-be-intruders from breaking into your home thinking that since you answered your doorbell through a vice system, you must be home.

With no hidden fees you save money with outright purchases, and it gets better. When you notify your home or renters insurance company, they will lower your insurance premiums and over time, you get to save on insurance. Which pretty much recovers what you paid for your security systems. And you can take it with you when you move! This is a great investment in your FAMILY'S security, and yours.

The value of your neighborhood property can rise over time simply because they will want the same kind of security system you have. And this becomes the active neighborhood watch system.

With the money saved, not having to pay for a monthly fee, you can feel more secure as you head off to work or off to a long awaited vacation trip. So enjoy the beach, or Island or even visit with your grandchildren. Let the quality home security products do the work for you.

And if you ever need to update your equiptment, go online with a touch of a button, and add a comment in the in box area and we will be glad to help you with your setup.

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