What are the pros and cons of Self-Home Security System

With the rising crime in the United States, security is pretty important. The prices is what were scared of mostly?! Not anymore! With our web store, we are finding many ways for you to save money and most of our products have warranties. So if your product gets damaged or quits working for whatever reason, you can simply contact the manufacture company listed on the product and they will replace it. All of the security tools we provide are exceptional quality. The cameras are all wireless, and you simply download an app from the app store on your cell phone, link the camera to your phone through a step by step process (Takes about 5 minutes) and your linked. Set the distance or sensitivity of your motion sensor, and your ready to go!

With Monitoring Companies out there, your paying for the service fees, communication fees, and leasing of the security tools. These costs can average around $1200 a year and lock you into a two year lease. The other down fall of monitoring companies Is that if your sensors trip due to malfunction from the equiptment, you can be charged by your city hundreds of dollars for false call. With the systems we provide you pay once. We have coupon sales going on all the time, to save you even more money over time. Also insurance companies will deduct from your premiums and this will pay for your equiptment over a six month period or less.

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