Can you prevent a Home Invasion?

Home invasion refers to a burglary where someone forces their way into a home to with intimidation or by force. With a little knowledge and some preparation, you can your home from this type of attack.

Here are some simple ways to work on prevention:

  • Check your doors. They should be solid with peepholes and deadbolts that extend 1 inch into the door frames. Four 3-inch screws should be used with heavy-duty lock strike plates don't depend upon door chains as they are easy to kick through. A door bell camera is very useful in many ways. You can interact with the person through a door bell camera. Most would be-criminals ring the doorbell first. If no one answers they will begin breaking the door down to gain entry.

  • Check windows daily to make sure they are locked. If you want to open the windows periodically, buy locks that will allow the window to open several inches. Check the condition of the windows too. Replace them when needed, or add a adjustable bar to keep the windows locked.

  • Adjust your garage doors. Garage door openers often have a feature that allows you to pull the door open from outside. Contact the manufacturer about disconnecting this feature. It's better to be locked out than to let a burglar into your garage. Keep a spare garage door opener in your home in a private place where you have access to it.

  • Secure cellar windows and doors. If the windows are large enough for someone to enter through, use a metal grate to keep them secure. At the very least, make sure the windows are securely locked.

  • Get an alarm system and use it daily. Most of the alarm systems can be purchased at They are easy to manage and run right from your phone. Monitoring companies charge you an absorbant amount of money just for services and equiptment fees which will cost you 100% more than out-right-buy cameras on our website.

  • Install outdoor lighting. Add motion sensor lights or use timers. Be sure the entrances are well lit. Add a flood light, to cover more distance and amplifying the entire area.

  • Trim large bushes if they are big enough for someone to hide in. General rule is keep bushes trimmed at window still level.

  • Keep strangers out of your home. If a repairman or delivery person shows up unannounced, ask for identification and call their company for verification. Most would be criminals stake out a house by gaining access 'posing' as a company representative or salesman. Keep your valuables put away from plain sight. Even looking into windows can reveal much about you.

  • Get to know your neighbors. Talk to them if you see any suspicious people in the neighborhood. Even a bad neighbor can be a potential would-be-criminal. Neighborhood watch programs are a great way to get to know your neighbors in a neutral setting.

  • Create a telephone and address list for your neighborhood. Call each other if something suspicious occurs. Always call 911 first if you see criminals breaking into a home! Every minute counts.

  • Fences are a great way to deter would be criminals from breaking in. 8 to 16 feet tall fences pose as a obstacle that would be criminals have to not only over come once, but also when they need to exit. This slows them down.

  • A dog. A dog can be a deterrent that is most often over looked. Most criminals don't like the idea of a dog biting them.

  • I see many people installing security cameras, with motion sensors they can detect criminal activity and keep record for future refrences to police and Neighborhood Watch meetings.

We know that in order to be successful in keeping criminals out, we need to do our part to deter the criminals. The name of the game is "Deter". It pays off to be able to deter , than become a victim of chance. Its often less costly, and less painful. Just think like Kevin McCalister in Home Alone. get ready, because 1 in 3 homes that are not prepared will experience a home Invasion compared to the 1 in 250 homes who have taken the time to prepare their homes or business. One in two hundred and fifty is better than one in three. Yes, you can prepare your home, using these steps and purchasing a WIFI security camera from Home Security Consultant LLC. "Are you ready for an unwelcome visitor?"

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