The reason for my dedication to Resident Security

As I am sitting writing to you in tears today, is because I wanted to share with you a story about what led me to work into security. On July 1st 2005 a child named Evelyn Celeste Miller was missing from her home in Floyd, Iowa. I had joined the 1500 people and law enforcement in the search for this missing child. I would wake up early in the morning and drive nearly an hour to help search for the missing girl. At the end of day two, I remember feeling so flustered and disappointed that we were not able to find the missing girl. I believe on the third day a recreational kyaker found her body in the Iowa river banks two miles from her home, lifeless. As the days went on GlobeGazzete published a article on the step father who was being charged with possession of child porn. He was visited by two men the early hours of the girls dissapperance. One of them which was a serial killer who was later apprehended by the F.B.I for burglaries and a murder of another man. The mother of the girl lost custody of both of her other sons as well. The step father Casey Frederiksen, 35, is currently serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison for receiving and possessing child pornography, but will now spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole. I begin to wonder if the landlord had installed cctv cameras, the crime could of been possibly deterred, or solved much quicker. So When I had moved to Illinois in November of 2008, I began working a carrer in security field. Ive gone through college for this field in the 90's and with training and more college studies while working for two different agencies, I have worked as a private investigator, security officer and a Bank Protection Officer at Bank of America. I saw the growing number of burglaries, home invasions grow over the years and people were not informed well enough on prevention methods. So I began working tirelessly for two years learning the business side of security to find better ways to help people build up a home defense system. And because of Evelyn Celeste Miller's death, I was able to work tirelessly to bring you the best security equiptment money can buy at an affordable price, along with developing a Home Invasion Prevention and Preparedness Plan. We will be releasing our H.I.P.P.P soon to the public to help homeowners, tenants, landlords, and real estate agents with a viable real time solutions to protecting their property and families from monsters like Casey Fredrickson. We would like for you to join us by sharing our website with many others, so they too can learn ways to protect their families and properties. We provide the tools necessary with little cost, and a help line for technical issues. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring you the best technology available to the mass at a lower cost. If you have questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you and God Bless you and your families,

Shawn Starry

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