Protecting Your Home and Business During A Civil Unrest Survival Guide

This subject has crossed minds of many people many times, but yet believing that this may not happen to you because of the location your home or business is located, is a false positive. We can never be too careful, but we can make some simple mistakes that could cost you your life and loss of property, even more so the survival chances for you and your family can dramatically decrease from simple to immediate. This video will clearly outline 3 importaint factors you should know, dettering (prevention) is the key to keeping looters and criminals from over taking your home. Even with all of the technology and walls, we can still become a victim. "Dettering Methods" increase your chances to prevent loss of life and property. I know many of you have wondered how can you prevent unwanted intrusions. In the past 30 years we have become complacent with home security because of the prosperity our communites have experienced. Yes, economy, jobs are directly tied into rise and fall of criminal activity. Keeping tabs on current evens will help you gague your level of safety in your community. Learning valuable basic skills such as gardening, storing, use of basic tools and knowing when to fight or take flight. Survival skills depend on these things. Staying healthy and fit is a must as well. For more on security tools

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