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With the economic crisis of 2006, many corporate companies fled to other countries like China, leaving local towns and cities feeling the burden and pains of no employment and resources to survive in America. So America has found a real working solution- Entenuputers. Many folks around the country are taking new ways to create new opportunities for their local community by creating a new workforce, much like what America saw in the 1930-1940's after the stock market crash in 1929. Americans have always been resiliant, resourceful and inventive. We have found ways to cope and learn from failures from dependency on Corporate companies and welfare. As people, Americans are learning what it means to do more than survive, but rather "Thrive"! And one town in perticular is Freeport, Illinois. With local business coming togethor along with the local paper "The Journal Standard", they are hosting the second Freeport Fish Tank Competition. The competitiors will be competiting to win resources to either begin a new business, or expand a small business in Stephenson County, Illinois. The focus goal is to bring a diversity of business that will benefit the residents and business alike. With a growing mentality of "growing in community" Freeport has seen a decline in crime, first female mayor Jodi Miller, new form of managerial goverment, and the massive clean up underway to demolish old buildings to make way for new buildings. Freeport has endured years of hardships, poverty, and a negative mindset which is all changing rapidly, and people are joining the new buzz. Freeport All In is a postive marketing campagin to engage people in rebuilding lives and city structure. With more sponsors joining the "Freeport Fish Tank" the benefits will be a thriving community, where the investment will grow and make an impact throughout Northern Illinois. Freeport has found that Re-Inventing themselves, the good out weighs the past ills. If you want to make a positive impact, contact Andra Taylor at TaylorMade Solutions. If you like to donate towards the Freeport FishTank, contact Andra Taylor at

Lets bring back the "Made In America"!

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