Why you should hire an Independent Security Consultant?

In this busy world, and millions of products and companies how do you know you’re getting your money's worth? As a security consultant, many people have been taught to focus on the paid advertisements, or D.I.Y Do-It-Yourself. This often, leads to limited, but costly security measures which leaves home, or business not fully protected. More and More insurance companies are finding better ways to get-out-of paying for damages when homes are broken into.

Independent Security Consultants are not tied to any one company, product. This means they will see where the vulnerabilities lie. And they are very knowledgeable with actual up-to-date technology that allows you to be able to take control effortlessly. Most importantly, they focus on 3 aspects of security where other companies focus on one or two. The three primary focuses of any kind of security is: 1. Prevention, making your home or business less appealing to rob. Simple fixes to make the appearance less desirable, change in behavior pattern will let the would-be criminals think twice about putting a lot of effort into your home or business. 2. Deterring. This simply means to deflect the would be criminal from your home. Example would be, security cameras now days have a two-way audio, and sirens that come standard with the instant notification to your phone from the cameras motion sensor. From your phone you can see them, but they cannot see you. Or even much less know for sure if your even home. They won’t try robbing a home if they knew your home. They want to be not heard or seen.

Home Invasions are a whole another world. This is something many people experience in today's "Instant Gratification" world. Many criminals are between the ages 13-35. More women are committing these crimes, where pre-2000 the women margin was very low (>01% per 100,000 residents). Home Invaders seek to either hurt or kill the occupants of the building. A robbery can be a precursor that leads to a home invasion. Sometimes a robbery is done to throw off police searching for patterns. Some of the home invasions are drug related. The survival rate varies in many areas, but in more rural areas are seeing more deaths vs. injuries. In more dense populations are experiencing more murder rates associated with home invasions in the millennial era. Pre-Millennial era, crime rate was very low due to economy success, more Christian driven age. We live in an age where more politicians and famous celebrities are dictating how we should dress, act and even live our lives. In this retrospect, school children are taught more liberal education than actual education that teaches them actual living skills they can use for themselves in the future to come when they reach adult age.

More and more security companies are being employed to assist business with their security needs. However, they need to ensure repeat customers. They can be a great benefit to your business deterring unwanted people from the area. They are a great boost to policing in urban areas like Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angles, etc. Many of them are trained, armed, and have great communication skills. But for homes, this is not practical, or even affordable unless you’re a millionaire. And many of us would love to have this kind of service. This is where Independent Security Consultants like myself come in, we can help you draw up a simple plan to help you maximize your home and business security in such a way we can save you thousands of dollars in expenses. Independent Consultants can even refer you to the best high quality armed or unarmed security in your area, that won’t break your wallet or employ undesirable security guards. Most security consultants look at your building, heating, plumbing, problematic areas, and help you by referring you to the right contractors in your area, like for example: Kiss Construction in Mason City, Iowa, or Maverick Roofing and Contracting in the Greater Dallas Fort Worth Area. These companies are locally owned and operated for years and have greater quality in their work. As for Independent Security Consultants, like myself who has been in the field for over 10 years, worked with federal, state and local agencies in the past can give you a better outlook and plan than some of the traditional companies who are limited to experience and quality tanning.

I hope you will consider hiring an Independent Security Consultant before you decide how you want to do your security, or if you are looking to improve your security. I am always looking for better ways, efficient and effective ways to help each person or business become more safe and successful.

To contact me for YOUR Home or Business Security Consultation- (815)238-3005 or at shawnstarry@homesecurityconsultantllc.com. "It's better to have a secure plan than to have no plan at all."

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