How to effectively defend your home

For years we've been led to believe the only way to protect our home is to pay for some company to watch our home for us. Yet in the 60 years of monitored security, the crime rate never dropped because of monitored security. It's actually just the band-aid. Real security belongs in the hands of the people leaglly occupying the building. It begins with Prevention, then Access Control. Lastly, Defense. The same methods the military uses to defend our country from unwanted forein invaders who have plans of laying us to waste. An individual criminal the thought is more and less the same. Laws are obeyed by law abiding citizens. Truth be told, criminals could think nothing about laws. Thats why you often see so many repeat offenders. Leaving a home without a security plan, is like leaving your $50 steak laying around when you know there is a hungry dog around. The real truth to Home Security lies in this Part 1 of 3 series of Home Protection. Share this with your family and friends so you will never be left in the dark again. Enjoy!

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