How to prevent and deter a school shooter from attacking your school

We see more and more school shootings happening around the country. This situation has become such a polarizing situation, so many people are divided, politicians are scrambling to remove guns from everyday Americans without regards to the Second Amendment, and we are still no closer to solving this problem. I have spent many hours researching the past methods, combined with the latest 21st Century technology. I have a viable solution that will benefit the students, teachers, and parents around the country. A plan that will be an addition to the A.L.I.C.E. programs. A.L.I.C.E. in my opinion is simply only the "Reactionary" benefit or the "Defense Plan". What we are missing is this: "Prevention, and Deterring Plan:. This is left out. Why? This is a question we need to be asking ourselves. What can be done differently?

So I will share with you a plan that does work. This is from many hours of research, past methods from the 70's, and more.

1. School buildings need to be assessed by an independent security consultant who will help you find the blind areas based on human movement, building structures, and human behaviors. The independent security consultant is the third party "eye" who sees from an outside perspective that schools and officials cannot see. Why? Because they are not security experts, and are to closely tied to the schools. Hiring an independent security consultant like myself will be to the schools benefit. They will help you craft the plan that will work, and teach the faculty how to use the tools provided.

2. Lack of resources, and/or the right resources. Not every school building is designed the same way. So this requires a different approach, different resources. having the right tools, and mindset along with the right personnel to deter and individual from committing a school shooting makes all the difference. to substitute this has always been a disastrous plan.

3. The P.D.D. methods which places like Bank of America uses, actually works! (Prevention, Deterring, and Defense) has been a working viable solution that has been effective for many years. Our suggestion is this: Hire Armed Security Officers who have the actual training for this. Resource officers are more expensive, lack the actual security training. Police Officers are trained to enforce laws that are on the books that are legislative laws that are aimed at curbing human behaviors while in pursuit. Also to react to a crime when called. REACTIONARY. Not Progressive Security. There are differences. Especially in pay. Most companies charge around $20-$30 an hour for a highly qualified Armed Security Officer who is posted on the outside of entrance buildings. Limiting the entrances to only two or three entrances makes the enforcing of security more effective. Allowing access to the inside from the outside of the school reduces mischief of students, and restricts an active shooter from entering the schools.

4. Metal detectors at all entry points. Having two Armed Security Officers at every entry point with metal detectors, will stop guns and knives from being brought into schools. Having a total of 10 security officers for schools will help deter more violence, and with more eyes within and outside of the schools will make all the difference in prevention. Having a rotation of Armed Security Officers, walking the parking lots, looking for illegal devices, activities, etc, will extend the reach of prevention.

5. Every classroom should have an exterior wall. What I mean simply is this. No class rooms in the interior of the school, because allowing every classroom to have access to the exterior of the room a bulletproof glass door, will allow teachers and students to flee the school. If a fire breaks out, the fastest safety point is a direct point. Straight out of the class room to a safe point. School Shooters bank on students flooding hallways, when an active fire alarm is pulled. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Which makes more sense?

6. Teachers having the access to security cameras through an IPad. This eliminates confusion. There are APPS for WIFI Security Cameras that can be posted in hallways, and mid hallway. Each being labeled where they are and direction they are facing, teachers can see if its a fire, or an active shooter. Also Armed Security Officers having access to the cameras as well, can see where the shooter is, or a fire. And they are the first responders to the situation. Having the 9-1-1 Dispatch centers having access to the cameras as well can direct the police officers to the location of the shooter as well. Time is of the essence. and this can eliminate confusion, and time wasted searching for the school shooter or fire, etc.

7. A monthly drill combined with the efforts of the local police will greatly reduce mistakes.

8. Schools need to actively reward better behaviors, and notify police and Armed Security Officers of a student that has been expelled for violent behaviors. This allows the Armed Security Officers to recognize a potential threat before it becomes too late. Armed Security Officers can notify the police if a former student is present and notify if they are armed, situation etc. Stopping any potential threat before it reaches the doors, or at the door.

9. Proper tools. This says it all. Most effective way to prevent a door from opening is to have the doors swing into the classrooms, having a "Linebacker Door Bar' installed in every classroom. A Linebacker Door Bar has been tested and tried as #1 door barricade that works effectively well, and can be operated by anyone with ease.

Every classroom should have bullet proof vests for teachers and students to wear when evacuating. Even if they cannot evacuate, this makes a large difference in survival.

WIFI Security Cameras that teachers, Armed Security Officers and Police Dispatchers having access makes the communication 100% effective in neutralizing the threat quickly.

These Cameras can work for interior and exterior. Options of solar panels for the exterior. Easy set up, and password protected!

When you know that there are better solutions, and effective tools you can't help but wonder why are we still using a archaic system that does not really focus on student safety? Most insurance companies have been quickly adapting to this method and technology for homes and business, now its time for a radical and effective change for schools.

Share this with all of your family and friends if you enjoyed this chock of information that can save lives.

if your intrested in a consultation or tools you can contact us at Home Security Consultant LLC.

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