Top 5 Reasons you NEED Security Cameras

Privately owned security cameras are becoming more common, and for great reasons.

Read the top 5 reasons below why we love security cameras!

Security cameras are getting so popular!

1. Your security camera helps the police solve crimes. Iv'e discussed how police are using security footage from businesses and homeowners to find missing children. But those privately owned security cameras help solve many other crimes. “For decades, law enforcement officials have sought surveillance video from convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Now, when they canvass a neighborhood after a crime, they’re asking homeowners if they have video footage. Often, the answer is “yes.”

Recently, a soldier, Sgt. Johnny Aparicio, was robbed and beaten while walking down the street in Tampa, FL. The whole thing was captured on a homeowner’s security camera. “Police got a copy of the recording from the homeowner with the camera. They posted it to YouTube the next day. Within hours, the assault turned into a national story, and tips started pouring in to police — largely thanks to that camera.” All four men in the video were identified and arrested- thanks to a homeowner stepping forward and sharing their security camera footage seen below.

2. Security cameras are becoming more affordable, and more accessible.

“More homeowners are installing home surveillance cameras than ever before, according to police and security companies. That’s because the once cost-prohibitive devices are dropping in price, and they’re becoming easier to access with smartphones.”

Not only have initial set up costs gone down, but VinTech encourages businesses to create a hybrid system. Instead of a costly complete overhaul of ripping out the whole system, we encourage using your existing security system with the old analog cameras and incorporating upgraded IP megapixel technology cameras. Over time, owners can replace older technology, while still utilizing their current system with new cameras, making the transition more affordable than ever.

3. Security cameras do deter crime. “A three-year study by the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center concluded that surveillance cameras can be a cost-effective tool for combating crime. In Chicago and Baltimore, cameras helped to reduce crime in certain areas and justified their costs, according to the report.”

More cities are opting to install public security cameras in problem crime areas. The mere presence of security cameras can effectively cut down the chance of a crime happening, and if captured on camera, boosts the odds of the criminal being caught.

“Chicago, which has documented about 6,000 camera-related arrests since 2006, targets neighborhoods for close video monitoring based on crime patterns.” Police use the footage to identify the criminal, or use clues from the footage to track down the suspect.

4. Get peace of mind being able to check up on your home or business, from anywhere and any time. Security cameras can now be viewed remotely, from your laptop or Smartphone. Home Security Consultant offers a wide variety of WIFI security Cameras that have APPS that allow you to monitor and speak with the person outside of your building.

Homeowner Amy Johnston and her husband “monitor their home from their smartphones, and whenever they go on vacation, they keep a laptop open and stream the real-time images recorded on the cameras. “It’s a worthy investment,” she said.

Our client, homeowner Tony says, “This technology has improved my life tremendously! Every little out-of-the-ordinary sound or noise I would hear, would interrupt what I was doing by having to look out of several windows to investigate. Having my monitoring system, I simply just switch to my camera monitoring mode and quickly I have completed surveillance of my home in a matter of seconds without having to leave my seat.”

5. In Chicago, businesses and homeowners can take advantage of the Chicago Plan. The Chicago Plan is an initiative by the city to encourage privately owned, public cameras from businesses and homeowners to register them with the city. “As the Police Department responds to criminal incidents in the community, they can use any information or footage gathered from these security cameras to assist business owners and community members in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved.”

“While the majority of Chicago’s cameras are publicly owned, the city also taps into a network of cameras owned by businesses, religious organizations, non-profits and others, said Jonathan Lewin, the city’s managing deputy director of Public Safety Information Technology.”

For more information, check out the Chicago Plan.

Having a security consultant can enhance your placement of security cameras that will benefit you in many ways. Andrew Peterson says," Having Home Security Consultant Shawn Starry come to my home and show me how easy it is to install the cameras and where to install it makes it so easy to do! Worth every dollar because when my home was broken into, I was able to snap a picture of the robbers and their licence plates. Within minutes I called the police and found the robbers less than a mile from my home. I was able to recover all of my posessions, and the robbers were convicted! Word got out, and my neighbors now have the same service I got!"- Joilet, Illinois

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