Does your school have adequate security?

With school about to open at the end of August, a parent can't help but wonder if the school's security is adequate enough? With so many school shootings going on here is a short list of who the shooters were at the other schools and how you can take action to make sure your school is safe before it opens up.

Top 4 school shooters:

1. Disgruntled students who get access to family guns.

2. Former students who were expelled from school.

3. Former School Employees.

4. Disgruntled Parents who felt their child were subject to abuse of some kind.

This is the top 4 typical types of shooters you could see. As a parent myself I visit with the Superintendent of the school asking questions on how they are working on securing their schools.

One way you can become a voice in your school safety is by requesting the school board and superintendent hire a security consultant like myself conduct a assessment of the school security. Another way is to contact us about what you can do to prepare your child and some items that will help your child's safety.This way after receiving the report, the school can make concrete plans on making sure the schools focus on prevention and deterring methods. As a security expert for last decade, I can tell you that a well planned security for a school makes learning more enjoyable and productive. Teachers can benefit from being a part of the plan, and can take simple steps to eliminate a potential threat before it starts. Have your school contact me soon, to get their school security evaluation!

"After all the school is a child's second home!"

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