Proven D.I.Y. Home Security Tips

Here are a few proven D.I.Y. tips for your home and business to keep burglars from entering your home.

With the changing technology happening in the world, a few basic tips that will prevent thieves from gaining access into your home.

1. Garage Door Openers.

Garage doors have two types of openers. The first is the remote opener you carry in your car. This works on a radio signal. When you depress the open/close button the doors will activate. Second one is the key pad. It is hardwired into the garage door itself. However the key pads are made cheap and manufactured at a low quality from China. Thieves can access the keypad from the exterior of the door and use a binary reset code that will give them access. Its best to remove the key pad. The other type of opener is through a program in the Sirus program that newer cars have installed. This also has the roadside service button, the 9-1-1- service as well.

2. Exterior doors.

Replace the screws with 3" or greater in length screws. The current screws only go into the door wooden casing which is fastened to the frame with nails and shims. With longer screws, you can set the hinges right into the inside frame which makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to kick open the door by breaking the wooden casing frame.

3. Windows.

You can install a window bar that would make the windows impossible to open from the outside. If you have wooden windows that you never open, you can simply screw the frames shut from the inside (Which we dont recommend in case of a fire). Tint your windows. This takes away any desire from a burglar looking to make a quick smash and grab of your items.

4. Install magnetic alarms on your windows. When the window is opened from the outside it gives a loud chirping sound, that can only be deactivated from within. The sound attracts attention to the burglar.

5. Trees and bushes

Keep your bushes trimmed low, and trees trimmed 10" up. This takes away the potential burglar desire to be concealed around your home.

6. Odd markings that are disguised around your home.

Keep your yard clean, a plastic bag on a fence indicates you have a dog that burglars will try to steal, and often times used for dog fights. Rocks near your front walk indicates "Rob this house". Sticks placed ina pattern means either Rob this house", "House has been Robbed", or "House has Security Systems." In some parts of the country burglars will use spray paint.

7. Yard. Keep your yard free of items that could be used to break windows, or to pry open doors.

8. Place a No Solicitation Sign near your front door.

Burglars who are posed as salespeople will ignore the sign. Be watchful of who comes to your door, and look for signs of electronic devices in their hands. Also burglars will try to hide in plain sight dressing up as a mail carrier, utility worker, construction, etc.

9. Install a wireless security camera. This will not only notifiy you of someone walking into the area, but will automatically begin recording. Let the police be aware of your security cameras. You could help solve a crime with your recordings.

You can also send the recording to social media, to the police as well. So when the officer is looking for the person, they have the video or picture.

10. House. Always do a monthly inspections of your outer home for repairs needed. If your not sure you can contact Shawn Starry for a consultation home or business inspection for any repair recommendations.

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