How can I really protect my family?

With all of these civil unrest going on, don't you just wish you actually could afford 'real security, not just for the rich people? What if I told you, you can. Got your attention?

I've spent decades studying home security, studying criminals, and why they resort to burglary, home invasions.

I'll give you a quick break down of the two most common crimes and the pshycology behind this.

  1. Burglaries

Most common is burglary. People ask, why did this happen to me? Let's look from the prevention side of things. When you were home, did you have shady friends or family over and had 'stuff laying around? During the work day, are your windows obscured so no one can see whats in your home? Garage doors closed when your not around? How about door locks? Bushes in front of windows? Do you have tools laying around your yard? Do you share pictures of your interior of your home on social media,

Rule of thumb: Don't give crooks an excuse to see the inside of your home.

Home invasions:

About half of the time home invasions begin with a burglary act. But quickly realize that a member of the family is home. Then assaults happen. The crooks main goal is to be committing the 'jobs without being seen or heard. When your teenager is home alone, teach them how to use technology to 'see outside the door without being 'seen by the person outside. Cameras are a great way to do this. (

I'm going to offer three free training videos on home security that will essentially save you on: money, time, and welk being. Real security begins with you.

  1. Prevention:

  2. Detterance:

  3. Defense:

  4. I encourage you to watch this with your family. Practice your Home Invasiin Drills often, mix them up. Check the reaction time. Formulate a plan for every situation.

Share this with all of your family and friends so you can feel better knowing you helped them. Here's the recommended go-to-store where you can find the best tools for your home security.

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