Before I begin, our home security, our way of life depends on a few key factors.

  1. Our Federal Goverments ability to protect us as a whole.

  2. Our States Goverments to protect our liberties and rights

  3. Our local town or city goverment to protect our way of life and keep our infrastructure maintained.

When our liberties and rights are violated at the highest level, its a result of people in elected position in our states and cities, that only care about power or control of a group of others. This compromises your home security.

Please watch this short film and share this link if your concerned about your security and rights being violated at this very moment! We try to remain neutral during political discourses, but as the C.E.O of Home Security Consultant LLC, its our moral duty to rise against injustices where ever they may be.

Thank you.

Shawn Starry C.E.O.

Home Security Consultant LLC.

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