Looking to save $$ on electricity?

So at Home Security Consultant LLC, we wanted to become more independent from the electric grid. After watching news about floods, tornados, wildfires across tge nation. And let's not forget tge Covid-19 Virus lickdown where millions of families lost their jobs and struggled to pay for basic electricity. So we not only installed a new windmill generator, but we also found a way to provide YOU the high quality, low cost one.

Its during these times, we need to not only begin investing in our own alternative sources of electricity, but learn how-to-do skill is essential. We will be releasing a new video on diy windmill generator set up in the near future! Stay tuned to our youtube channel, click on subscribe-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Yo7y6ePxEu0mn56-EaPjw

And here's the APP you can download for free, direct to our website- http://wix.to/lEAUAVQ

Windmill generator- https://www.homesecurityconsultantllc.com/product-page/2500-3700w-latern-type-dc-hoop-wind-generator-12-24-v-low-starting-wind-speed

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