Why essential food should be accessable?

One thing has been apparent during this Covid-19 virus epidemic. You cannot rely on government to be dependable when it comes to your food. Farmers are essentially having to make some hard decisions on throwing away food like meat, milk, corn, soybeans. We have been dependent on vast amount of larger corporations to buy these products, goverment and media Is spreading the fear of coronovirus infecting meat, milk and more. Even seeds are becoming hoarded by government, telling stores to stop selling them. For a very long time people were growing vegetables and fruits in vast gardens. With modern convenience, we replaced gardens with fast food. We are now at a point where it's time to rethink HOW we get our food. Farmers market have been a vital role in local distribution of food. And in countries like Sweden, small villages residents back yards are gardens instead of grass. Self reliance brings about stability for you and your neighbors. Lean into each other in hard times. Feed one another, physical and spiritual used to have significant meaning. With technology, we've wasted our talents for total comfort.

It's time to get creative and help one another. Let's start a global garden, and bring about more farmers markets with, milk, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit. Even crafts. Bartering is a great way, and get to know each other deeply. It's the will of the people that are rightful masters of their own lives.

At Home Security Consultant LLC, we want to help you have access to these resources otherwise is not available. Here is one-


Share this with your family and friends and start a growing trend- #mygarden #myfreedom

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